Profile: Archaeologist David Ussishkin
Dovid and Jim headed out to Holon for an interview with archaeologist David Ussishkin. Prof. Ussishkin dug under Yigal Yadin in Hazor, Masasda, and Qumran (The Cave of Letters). He led his own excavations in some of Israel's premier sites - Megiddo and Lachish - his book on Lachish a modern classic. Check out the LandMinds page to hear the interview with a man who has spent more than half a century uncovering the Land of Israel.

Click the "Play" button to listen to a short clip from the first part of the interview with Professor David Ussishkin. You can hear the full interview in its entirety by clicking the LandMinds link at the top of the page.
Watch for the new LandMinds interview with retired archaeologist Prof. David Ussishkin. We've got an 80 minute audio interview and some video now available on the homepage. He shares a long and noteworthy career with David Willner and Jim Long... click here to go to the LandMinds site.
Lachish and Megiddo
Tel Megiddo
Tel Lachish
Lachish: Platform of Throne Room?
Tel Megiddo
with Israel Finkelstein in Megiddo
Megiddo "Chatach" - Summer 2012
Lachish City Gate (inside)