The Foundation Stone 2023 Wish List
    TOARCH 2020 …and Beyond!
    The Covid virus has changed the paradigms for taking our Torah & Archaeology programs on the road. So, we're shifting gears and adjusting to the new normal. Foundation Stone will soon be launching TOARCH-Online… We're looking for help in setting up this new program and hope to be ready to launch by Thanksgiving. We'll post more details as they become available.
  • DTM
    Sponsor a Map: $350
    Sponsor a School: $350/map

    Our program for the integrated De'Ara Tanach Classroom Wall Map, Educator's Resource Packet, and Student Classroom Resource Kit, require USD$ for development and classroom testing in the UK, US, Canada and Israel. 

    The first edition of the DeAra Tanach Map (DTM) has been on classroom walls since 2006, thanks to the initial support of Dr. David Landau of London and Mr. Jordan Slone of Norfolk. Recently Bnos Yisroel High School of Baltimore ordered 20 DTMs to put up school-wide. For that level purchase we are granting a $500 teacher training session by video hookup. We are offering a special back-to-school sale of our previous edition 4-piece offset printed maps, lightly laminated for dry-erase marker use. Special savings are also available for our one-piece digitally printed maps - you can pick from two sizes or customize a map that meets your specific needs. Contact to take advantage of this offer at reduced prices, until October 1 2019.
  • Film & Video
    Documentary Production Cost: $100,00 to $250,000
    We have several movies on the boards working with experience filmmakers and producers. Film cost about USD$.... to produce, and offer potential revenue. During this month we are hosting a film producer to travel around Israel to examine different sites and subjects. These projects are open to investors. 
  • HaChodesh
    HaChodesh Pilot: $75,000
    HaChodesh Start-up: $150,00/year for two years.

    With impetus from a series of successful programs in 2012 and 2013 in Chicago  and Baltimore schools, Foundation Stone has invested time and research to prepare an approach for sharing Israel's resources with teachers in the field today. Called HaChodesh, this online program can immediately enhance Jewish education- and as always, we work across the spectrum. 

    To launch the pilot three units will cost USD$... To fully launch the program and implement it during this coming 5775-2015 school year in selected schools in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Turkey, and Israel, will cost... USD$.. gram during the 5775- 2014/5 school year. 
  • Site Development
    Historical Site Development: $1,500,000
    Historical site development requires serious long term support for mounting an excavation that will enable public participation while employing the highest standard of field technique, scientific analysis, and publication. The site or sites will share meaning and moral inspiration with to Jews and Gentiles. 

    We now have the capabilities of mounting such projects. Foundation Stone seeks capitalisation of $1,500,000 to execute a 5 year program at an historical site. The donors will have their name mentioned in all scientific reports, educational programming, public media, academic conferences, and signage on site. 
  • Short Term Programs
    Short-term Excavation Program: $35,000
    The next level executable now are short term programs working in conjunction with existing academic and Israel Antiquity Authority excavations woven together with Foundation Stone programming. This is aimed at post high school and and collegiate levels, and at all segments of the Jewish community. Each program requires USD$35,000 for recruiting, student stipends, management, and programming for a 4-6 week season. Foundation Stone has relationships with excavators at all of Israel's universities; with Haifa University and the University of Hartford's Greenberg Center at Yavne, and an official invitation to mount programs with Tel Aviv University.    
  • Other
This past year, Foundation Stone has been been busily studying, networking, and accumulating experience and knowledge in academia, film-making, drone photography, archaeology with scientific studies and in-the-field management training, and Ancient Near Eastern history. 

As we begin 5777 (2016-2017) Barnea has completed his bachelor's degree, and earned his Excavation Certificate (Te'udat Chofer). He is now busy on his master's dissertation - on ancient fat! Our attention is beginning to turn towards planning site development and production. In this regard we are working in the Galilee with two important Sanhedrin sites, while Yavne continues on the back burner. 

We thank Mr. Moshe... for contributing to our equipment purchases. The iPads and HD drone add a new dimension to our onsite visits and are already enhancing our educational projects. 

A grant by an anonymous donor enabled us in 2009 to take an IAF pilot with an archaeological background, and an expert aviation photographer, to film 22 sites from the air. To create a full aerial library of sites across the country requires USD$75,000. When the opportunity is right, we seek to film in Jordan and Turkey as well. 

In the past six months alone drone use and drone services by archaeologists has gone up several notches; while the availability of technology here in Israel has also advanced by leaps and bounds. Already newer and more stable drones with higher resolution cameras are now available, and we are looking to upgrade our abilities. A grant of $3000 would make this a reality.

Producing what is called B-roll - an ongoing archive of HD materials and educational content that would include filming sites, and professional equipment to interview and film scholars and scientists in the field requires USD$2500-$5000.

We spend months in research, and occasional travel to historical sites for first-hand research and images. $5000 enables a significant piece of research and travel to be added to our reservoir of knowledge and materials that is immediately invested in new and improved teaching, programs, and media. Our travels to Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, and great museums like the British Museum are in constant use. For example, we await going to the Louvre, the Ashmolean, and Museum Island in Berlin; and further research and filming in Jordan. Sponsors are invited to travel with us and explore, meeting the experts, sites, and artifacts that make learning come alive.  

Would you like to share in all that we do? Please consider becoming a Member with $500 annually for the next five years, or a Builder with USD$25,000 grant, payable over 5 years.  

We're also open to inviting a donor sponsor to join us on an expedition. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in participating in a research trip.

Foundation Stone asks for your help to produce media and projects that will make Israel's heritage come alive in the field and in the classroom. The need to share the truth of our rich past and the inspiration of heritage, has never been greater. 

With best wishes for a sweet and happy New Year - and peace!-  

David Willner
Barnea Levi Selavan
Co-Directors, Foundation Stone 

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