A selection of audio files related to Tel Yavne and originally broadcast on Israel National Radio. We interview archaeologists, scholars, geologists, volunteers, and others involved in the Tel Yavne Prototype Excavation at Tel Yavne.

LandMinds on Yavne

LandMinds #238: Dovid & Barnea discuss the current season of excavation at Tel Yavne. We review the history and the current search for "The Tooth".

Interview with Paul Baumann

LandMinds # 16 with geophysicist Paul Baumann (Worley/Parsons)

Interview with Maha Darawashe and Richard Freund

LandMinds #8 with Yavne archaeologist Maha Darawashe and Greenberg Center Director Richard Freund.

Interview with Moshe Fischer

LandMinds #82 and LandMinds #83 - First and Second parts of interview with Yavne Yam

Interview with Ruthie Jaffe Lieberman

LandMinds #239: Ruthie Lieberman took her kids, hit the road, and made the trip from the Gush down to the coastal plain and Tel Yavne. Listen in as this adventurous mom takes her kids into the classroom of exploration.

Interview with Dr. Phil Reader

LandMinds #240: Geologist and cartographer Dr. Phil Reeder discusses his ongoing and longtime work at Tel Yavne.

Interview with Aryeh Solomon

LandMinds #241: Interview with Aryeh Solomon, deputy director of Yavneh Olami

Interview with Eli Yannai

LandMinds #224: Dr. Eli Yannia of the Israel Antiquities Authority discusses his work at Tel Yavne as a salvage excavation in preparation for expansion work by Israel Railways.

Interview with Dovid & Barnea

LandMinds #1: Eve Harow interviews and launches the radio careers of Dovid & Barnea on Arutz 7, and explores the Yavne excavation and Foundation Stone.
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