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Special Features
Our daily lives have changed significantly. Our routines altered, the rhythms that underlie what we hold dear are being consistently challenged. Schools, universities, yeshiva and seminaries are all working to adapt to the new normal. And every institution of education is asking for one thing. On-line content.
This new reality is changing the very paradigms that have been the foundation for Jewish education since the invention of the printing press. In response to this unprecedented change in how we live our lives - and out of a strong desire to continue to educate our children and grandchildren, Foundation Stone is launching Ma'ayan. Here's how it works:
Perek-by-perek, chapter-by-chapter, we are preparing an in-depth online media resource for TANACH. The maps, sites, images of artifacts that are specifically targeted towards what is being taught. Aerial and drone photography and video, interviews with leading scholars, educators, rabbis and archaeologists who can help to bring the text to life. This is a resource that will inform future generations. Anything that can be shown on a display will be made available to all those who value learning - and understanding at the highest possible level.
For close to three decades, Foundation Stone has been asked to provide a curriculum for teaching TANACH. Schools vary in language skills, levels of learning, the use of commentary, the knowledge levels of their teaching staff - leaving a monolithic curricula essentially impossible. What can be provided, is an educational anchor to support each school, each educator - enabling them to teach at the highest level. Utilizing the DR (database resource) we are preparing chapter-by-chapter online sessions that will enable masterful teaching and contextual understanding - for the educator. Geography, archaeology, history - all anchored to thousands of years of Jewish scholarship and tradition.

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